The New Cholera Treatment Center

The New MDR Tuberculosis Hospital

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Architecture is much more than just a building.

Help us in redefining what Architecture can be.

The 2014 Campaign

In the five years since MASS began, we have seen that exceptional buildings and infrastructure can actually address the health, economic, and social challenges the world faces today. But architecture is more than just a building. In 2014, we will tell this story through a series of films.

What we do

131205_ILIMA AERIAL final

Ilima Primary School

GHESKIO Tuberculosis Hospital

GHESKIO Tuberculosis Hospital


New York Public Branch Libraries Revisioning

Happening This Week At MASS

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That’s a strike!

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At the annual holiday bowling party in the Kigali office, MASSer Amelie¬†Ntigulirwa throws a strike down the lane! MASSer Sarah Mohland watches from a few lanes over. [gif courtesy of…

GHC Fellows

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MASS Global Health Core fellows Theo Uwayezu and Annie Peyton stop to smile while on-site at the construction of Mubuga Primary School in Rwanda.

MASS goes to Vegas for AU!

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MASSers Alan Ricks, Patricia Gruits, Kyle Barker, Nathan King, and David Mistretta are in Las Vegas for Autodesk University. Check out that crowd at the opening keynote!

Breaking ground on Mubuga Primary School!

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This week, the M2 Foundation and MASS Design Group break ground on the Mubuga Primary School in Rwanda. The new school will include features like larger classrooms, natural ventilation, gender-friendly…