CA site photo: Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Our mission is to be a changemaker in the Rwandan construction sector—advancing ethics and impact, while meeting project targets.

Rwanda has experienced tremendous economic growth over the last two decades which has led to a surge in infrastructure planning and development. However, this surge in development is out-pacing the capacity of the local construction industry, leading to an influx of foreign players who see Rwanda as an economic opportunity.

With more than 10 years of experience building various projects in Rwanda, including the Butaro Doctors' Housing, Mubuga Primary School, Ruhehe Primary School, and most recently the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, MASS identified a critical gap in the infrastructure development market: the capacity of local teams to deliver complex projects on time, on budget, and at a high level of quality. MASS.Build was born from the desire to assist partners in project delivery by reducing risk and improving outcomes. We believe that our partners deserve a reliable, high quality, and ethical approach to the development and implementation of their projects.

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As a mission-driven contractor, MASS.Build focuses on advancing ethics and impact while meeting project targets. We offer knowledge, expertise, and realistic expectations up front while maintaining transparency on the project budget and schedule. Our approach aims to maximize the collective value and impact that a project can deliver by investing in the community through on-the job-skills training, local purchasing, and environmental protection. Proper planning, risk mitigation, cutting-edge technology, and a highly skilled team allow MASS.Build to consistently meet targets in four key performance metrics, ensuring the successful delivery of projects.

MASS.Build Project Delivery Metrics Diagram

Cost: Offering a fully transparent invoicing model, MASS.Build guarantees that every dollar is accounted for, and that our partner’s investment maximizes its development value, not our bottom line. We also work with our partners to help them secure discounts and in-kind donations on construction materials and equipment to help lower their capital investment.

Time: With MASS.Build, MASS now offers turnkey services in-house. Working hand in hand with the design team, MASS.Build can fast-track project development. Using BIM360 and the last-planner method, along with our experienced procurement and logistics team, MASS.Build is uniquely positioned to deliver projects on schedule.

Quality: MASS.Build has established a network of the best material suppliers and craftspeople in Rwanda, regionally, and globally to ensure access to quality materials and highly capable people. Our close relationship with the design team ensures that the design intent is correctly translated into construction.

Impact: MASS partners with mission-aligned organizations to achieve mission-driven goals. We have developed an impact framework that evaluates both mission-driven impacts, which are unique to each project, as well as indirect impacts related to what we call the 5 E’s - environment, education, equity, economy, and emotion. Like architecture, construction is never neutral, it either hurts or heals.  MASS.Build’s consideration of social impact through construction is the foundation for our success in achieving targets in quality, cost, and time.

MASS.Build on site at the African Leadership University

Lean construction practices combined with the MASS tradition of innovation allows us to maximize the value we can offer our clients.

Our construction team is guided by the principles of lean construction, a production management-based approach to project delivery that is driven first and foremost by respect for people. This process is designed to “optimize the whole,” minimize waste and, as a result, maximize value and improve project outcomes for all stakeholders. By engaging and respecting every person on a project, MASS.Build can leverage all of our shared knowledge and experience to find new and improved ways to achieve our partners’ goals and impacts.

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