photo of the GVMP

Public Memory and Memorials Lab

rendering of the Haven shelter

Haven Domestic Violence Shelter

Rendering: LGBTQ2+ National Monument in Ottowa

A Glass Bowl

LGBTQ2+ National Monument in Ottawa

Thumbnail for the Built to Heal Video

Built to Heal: MASS Design Group in Conversation with Dr. Paul Farmer

A video celebrating the first 10 years of MASS

10 Years at MASS

The Pulse Memorial and Museum for Equality

The Pulse Memorial and Museum for Equality

Pulse Memorial

Pulse Memorial

Photo of Corn / Meal by MASS Design Group at Exhibit Columbus 2019

Corn / Meal: Exhibit Columbus 2019

Film by Spirit of Space

The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

still from the "This is Poughkeepsie's Fall Kill" video of people walking through the creek.

This is Poughkeepsie's Fall Kill

Hudson Valley Design Lab

African Design Centre

African Design Centre

Training High-Impact Designers

Made in Ilima

Made in Ilima

Design That Heals

Design that Heals

UK holocaust memorial

U.K. Holocaust Memorial

MASS Design Group & John McAslan + Partners

Maternity Waiting Village

Kasungu Maternity Waiting Village

Photo of Beyond the Building, Design that Heals

Dreaming a Beautiful Future

The Best Care and the Best Environment

Video Still: The Cube and Community Impact

The Cube and Community Impact

Purpose Built Case Study

Video Still: Research and Education Impact

Research and Education Impact

Purpose Built Case Study

Photo of Haitian metal worker Mackenzy Vil

Mackenzy Vil

The Lo-Fab Movement

Photo of primary schools scene from Beyond the Building documentary

Beyond the Building

The Role of Architecture

Photo of construction from the Beyond Sustainability documentary

Beyond Sustainability

Growing Up Out of the Ground

Mubuga Primary School

Mubuga Primary School

Photo of Architecture and Peace

Architecture and Peace

Investing in the Ideals of Peace

Photo of Building Better Builders

Building Better Builders

The Beauty of Skilled Labor

Photo of Master Mason, Kankwanzi, from Kankwanzi documentary


Work that Dignifies

Photo of gardener Jean Baptiste from Nziza Cyane documentary

Nziza Cyane

Landscapes that Heal


Architecture Can Heal: Adapting Healthcare Spaces in Response to COVID-19

Architecture Can Heal: Adapting Healthcare Spaces in Response to COVID-19

Photo: Michael Murphy giving his TED Talk

TED Talk: Architecture that's Built to Heal

Christian Benimana on the TEDGlobal 2017 stage.

The Next Generation of African Architects and Designers

Photo of TED City 2.0, AR

Alan Ricks at TED City 2.0

Can a building heal?

Justin Brown TEDxNorth Adams Stage

Fringe(d) Cities

Photo of Design Indaba, Africa's Architects must understand their Continent

Amelie and Jean Paul on Design Indaba

Rwandan Architects

Photo of Design Indaba, Christian Benimana, Architecture with a Mission

Christian Benimana on Design Indaba

Architecture with a Mission

Photo of 2015 Harvard Lecture, MM and AR

Harvard GSD Lecture

Beyond the Building

Photo of Nathan King, Process Matters TEDxViriginia Tech

Nathan King at TEDxVirginia Tech

Process Matters