Role of Architecture in Fighting COVID-19

GHESKIO Tuberculosis Hospital; PC: Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

The design of our spaces has the power to hurt us or to keep us safe. At MASS Design Group, we have spent the last ten years building new spaces and retrofitting existing buildings to promote infection control, and to support our partners in providing the best patient care possible. Today, we draw upon lessons learned from the field, bringing infectious disease mitigation principles to inform our current decision making.

We are dedicating resources to form a COVID-19 Design Response team, to respond to partner needs and to share strategies and rules of thumb to keep in mind when retrofitting different types of spaces for infection control. We’ll be engaging with key thought leaders and partners in design and healthcare to guide our work. These materials will be made public to the community as they become available. 

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We are also working with organizations leading the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are ready to offer immediate and medium-term service needs, including retrofitting facilities for increased health and safety, supporting vulnerable populations in their planning, design, and implementation of social distancing strategies, and supporting airborne infection control analysis and measurement for government strategy. You can read more about our services offered here

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