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Can a rural center lead global health training?

The University of Global Health Equity in Butaro, Rwanda will train a new generation of global health leaders from around the world. Shepley Bulfinch is overseeing academic building design, programming, and planning, with MASS in charge of landscape and housing.

The landscape design makes ecological and agricultural functions legible across the campus so that students understand how various land uses affect space and ecology. Exterior circulation options encourage chance encounters while creating spaces for gathering at various scales. Around the Shepley-designed academic buildings, the landscape extends and amplifies each building’s academic program, with outdoor classrooms and staging areas for simulation.

Five clusters of dormitories encourage communal living and learning at various scales. Each is formed around a communal landscape to foster stewardship and community within the campus. The clusters have a minimal footprint and step down the steep landscape so that the flatter sections of the hillside can be preserved for future development of larger academic buildings.

Project Details

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Location: Butaro, Rwanda

Year: 2018

Status: In Progress

Size: 5,000 sq. m.

Program: University Campus

Services: Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Construction Administration

University of Global Health Equity

Shepley Bulfinch