Sustainability Action Plan

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Design is never neutral. It either hurts or heals.

Globally the construction industry is the biggest consumer of raw materials and produces a third of all waste. Buildings are responsible for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Buildings and their impacts, including producing nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, are set to continue as floor space worldwide is set to double by 2060, the equivalent of building a city the size of New York every month.

As signatories to the AIA 2030 Commitment we have created a Sustainability Action Plan. It publicly states our non-negotiable goals that we and our partners are committing to that respond directly to the climate & biodiversity crisis.

Our actions today determine the legacy we leave for future generations. The call to address these challenges is not just a responsibility–it is a shared commitment to fostering a planet that thrives in harmony and a society where every voice is heard.