Sojourner Truth State Park

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Kingston, New York, USA

Following the opening of the Sojourner Truth State Park in 2020, The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission began developing a master plan for the future of Sojourner Truth State Park.

Named for 19th century African American abolitionist and suffragist Sojourner Truth, the park leverages the landscape’s rich cultural, industrial, historic, and geologic elements, repurposing the former industrial site into an open community space. As visitors explore the park, they will be captivated by interpretive experiences that elucidate the interconnections of natural and human histories on site, with a particular focus on shifting communities, land use, and impact, both in the past and looking towards the future.

MASS helped to produce conceptual and interpretive documents exploring the site’s industrial and geological past, the ecological and environmental present, and the accessible future, leveraging community stakeholders and organizations to help envision the larger redesign of the park. The park will celebrate the spirit and legacy of Sojourner Truth at new sites of gathering, building upon the existing community spaces and memorial sites to uplift contemporary truth-telling and community empowerment.

Project Details

41.931828, -74.011108

Location: Kingston, New York, USA

Year: 2022

Status: In Progress

Size: 508 acres

Program: Adaptive re-use of a Mule Barn (photographed), and a new comfort station and swimming pavilion.

Services: Interpreting, Architecture, Community Engagement

New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; Palisades Interstate Park Commission; Field Operations