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Can landscape design improve human, ecological, and animal health?

The Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture’s (RICA) mission focuses on training the next generation of leaders in conservation agriculture that will attain healthy and sustainable food independence in Rwanda.

The concept of One Health interlinks ecological, animal, and human health into all aspects of the project. This concept places emphasis on the landscape which the campus resides on. By creating an institute with an experiential curriculum, practical research, and extension services that promotes a One Health and Conservation-based approach, RICA provides a diverse extension of services available to the agricultural community both on and off campus.

The campus will be energy independent and it will test pivot irrigation systems. Landscape design is underway.

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-2.2315, 30.1127

Location: Bugesera, Rwanda

Year: 2017

Status: In Progress

Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture

University of Nebraska
Government of Rwanda