Hudson Valley Farm Hub

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Hurley, New York, US

Located on 1,200 acres of prime agricultural land in Hurley, New York, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub has recently transitioned from a conventional corn farm to a diverse organic non-profit farm. They strive to not only provide fresh food to local communities, but also to enhance the regional food economy, train the next generation of farmers, and develop research in the realm of agroecology.

Our work at the Farm Hub has involved an immersion and planning phase, as well as the design of forthcoming facilities. The project seeks to enable the efficient and effective execution of operations and also provide inspiration for other farmers region-wide. 

Project Details

41.9565, -74.1123

Location: Hurley, NY

Year: 2017

Status: In Progress

Size: 1,100 Acres

Program: Site Planning and Design for Farm Hub

Services: Immersion & site research, site planning, decisioning, phasing & schematic design

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Hudson Valley Farm Hub