Photo of Regina Chen, Senior Director

I believe that the built environment has the power to restore social justice and create healthy communities.

Regina Chen

Senior Principal, Process & Learning
Boston, MA, USA

Regina Chen sees design as a catalyst for restoration. She brings a multidisciplinary background in architecture, engineering, planning, and research to understanding how the built environment can transform legacies of inequity into opportunities for abundance. 

At MASS Design Group, Regina serves as a Principal and Managing Director of Process and Learning. Since 2013, Regina has fostered a culture of learning and mutuality both at MASS and in the field at large, developing processes that champion accountability and push the bounds of design excellence. Her diverse body of work, spanning community engagement, research, narrative development, and process design, is marked by the capacity for deep listening and for guiding partners towards asking the questions that drive meaningful impact. 

As the principal-in-charge of the Gun Violence Memorial Project and the Restorative Justice Design Lab, Regina maintains a deep commitment to community engagement and creating space for truth-telling, healing, and collective action. In 2017, she launched MASS’s Narrative (now Advocacy) team, where she oversaw publications such as Justice is Beauty and exhibitions including Design and Healing: Creative Responses to Epidemics, jointly curated with the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. 

Regina studied Civil Engineering and Architecture at Princeton University, and received her Master in Urban Planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.