Photo of Chris Scovel, RA, LEED, Director

That architecture is a service profession need not be limiting. At MASS service is proactive and ambitious, and reaches out broadly beyond our buildings.  MASS serves those who serve others, and expands their impact in the process.

Chris Scovel, RA, LEED

Design Director
Boston, MA, USA

Chris joined MASS in 2011 and has worked on multiple projects in East and West Africa, India, Haiti and the US. He has lead design teams for new large hospital complexes, new hospital buildings, and renovations.  He has worked closely with MASS’s Haiti team, advising on the construction of the completed GHESKIO CTC and TB Hospital. Additionally, he deeply values his role as an occasional mentor to a broad range of projects and individuals at MASS. He values the intensely collaborative aspect of MASS’s work both within the office and with our partners and clients. For instance, he recently worked closely with and the Gates Foundation on a project to design public toilets for the developing world. Prior to MASS, Chris worked as an architect in Boston providing design, project management, and construction administration expertise on multiple institutional projects, which included libraries, courthouses, and a wide variety of academic buildings. Chris is a registered and LEED certified architect. He received his Masters in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.