Immersion Field Guide

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Tools and methods for embedding and elevating social impact

The Immersion Field Guide will leverage the knowledge and best practices that MASS has developed over the past five years for designing in low-resource settings, and distill them into a printed field guide on best practices for engaging communities in the architectural pre-design process. Responding to a sea change in the architectural discipline, the field guide will share tools and methods for engaging stakeholders, determining design opportunities, and embedding social impact into the design process.

Ultimately, we hope that the guide will serve as a resource for the broader public interest design field—by jump-starting new practices, mainstreaming methods for empowering project stakeholders, creating market demand for pre-design services, and training a new generation of designers able to understand not what buildings are, but what they can do.

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Year: 2016

Status: In Progress

Program: Field guide for stakeholder engagement

Services: Publication development