Western Serengeti Research Facility

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Grumeti Reserve, Serengeti, Tanzania

The Grumeti Fund has partnered with MASS to envision, design, and build a new research facility in the Western Serengeti Corridor. The facility opened for operation in July 2020. 

The project’s mission is to inspire a diverse group of stakeholders to amplify the Grumeti Fund’s existing research efforts in the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem. The building will become a collaborative research hub, welcoming grant funded researchers, protected area managers, and government officials to contribute conservation based management strategies. The work will be focused on complementing the Grumeti Fund’s existing research, monitoring, and management initiatives, which include human wildlife interactions, invasive species management, and endangered species re-integration. A specific focus will be placed on developing women scientists in Tanzania.

With a focus on integration into the ecosystem, the building organization facilitates casual interactions between stakeholders and seeks to inspire visitors into action. Both the work of the researchers and the stunning landscape are on display. A reduced footprint and a material palette harvested from the site helps to seamlessly merge the Facility with the surrounding ecosystem. 

The Western Serengeti Research Facility is completely off-grid, with an independent photovoltaic array, rain-water harvesting, and wastewater treatment. To reduce energy demands, the design optimizes glazing and natural ventilation, relies on thermal mass storage, and includes a thermal labyrinth which serves as a passive cooling and heating system.


Project Details

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Location: Grumeti Reserve, Serengeti, Tanzania

Year: 2020

Status: Completed

Size: 300 sq.m.

Program: A research facility to inspire a diverse group of stakeholders to amplify conservation efforts

Services: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability Engineering, MEP Engineering

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