Rwinkwavu Hospital Master Plan

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Rwinkwavu, Kayonza District, Rwanda

In 2013, MASS partnered with Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB) and the Rwanda Ministry of Health (MOH) to help the Rwinkwavu District Hospital in the Kayonza District consider its 20-year development and growth from 2014- 2034. Since its opening in 1944, the Rwinkwavu Hospital has weathered both periods of abandonment and neglect, as well as ad-hoc and opportunistic investment. Because of this complex history, the hospital was struggling to adequately respond to its existing needs while also maintaining a thoughtful eye toward Rwanda’s coming needs.

In order to properly plan for the hospital’s future, MASS first undertook an intensive Needs Assessment that gathered, synthesized, and analyzed four categories of data inputs: existing spatial and programmatic conditions, national health infrastructure standards, stakeholder priorities, and catchment population projections. In addition to this rigorous data collection process, MASS met with doctors and nurses, as well as IMB and Rwanda MOH standards and officials, to understand how this data and Rwanda’s growing Non-Communicable Disease burden could be reconciled and addressed in an organizational and site strategy for the next twenty years.

MASS ultimately produced a 20-year renovation and expansion masterplan for the hospital that was able to thoughtfully plan for a growing organizational strategic mission and national health care projections, while also responding to site limitations and conditions. 

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Location: Rwinkwavu, Rwanda

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Size: 16,620 sq. m.

Program: Visioning Documents for Hospital Masterplan

Services: Hospital Masterplanning, Project Accompaniment, Architectural and Landscape Design, Construction Administration, On-site Training

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