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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

At the southernmost edge of the city of Boston, Mattapan is a historic residential neighborhood that has struggled with slow investment opportunities in the past. MASS has partnered with The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) to create a comprehensive vision to guide the future of the neighborhood. The BPDA initiated this multi-year process in response to residents’ growing fears of displacement as well as historic and contemporary lack of mobility and access to employment, public space, and housing options. Through PLAN: Mattapan, MASS is supporting the BPDA in developing an inclusive planning process that translates the goals and concerns of the community into clear visions for an equitable future.  

The community vision for the plan is to strengthen the existing cultural fabric by supporting affordable housing, creating new opportunities for businesses to thrive, and enhancing  connections to improve the neighborhood's access to jobs and social gathering spaces. These goals are realized in the plan through a robust analysis and impact framework, alongside a continuum of engagements with the Mattapan community. With the BPDA, MASS developed workshops to help translate community values into impactful design scenarios. PLAN: Mattapan will ultimately center on these design scenarios and on zoning and policy recommendations that propose a future for Mattapan that reflects community values and thoughtfully engages and grows the cultural fabric of Mattapan.

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42.361145, -71.057083

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Year: 2019

Status: In Progress

Size: 1200 Acres

Program: Community-centered master plan for the Mattapan neighborhood

Services: Master planning

Boston Planning and Development Agency

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