One Acre Fund

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Kakamega, Kakamega County, Kenya

Located at the heart of Western Kenya’s farming region, the new One Acre Fund headquarters replace three separated rented office spaces spread across town with one purpose-built facility. MASS developed work environments carefully calibrated for each of OAF’s diverse departments, optimizing adjacencies for collaboration between field operatives while creating spaces for focused work. Sliding panels on ground-floor workspaces allow them to open up to the outdoors, maximizing natural ventilation while creating a unique work environment. An auditorium space is designed for trainings and organization-wide meetings, and can open to the outside for community meetings with a large audience; the building’s roof deck is oriented to provide views of Kakamega.

The new building will operate as the organizational headquarters for One Acre Fund’s operations across Africa, to help the organization reach its goal of doubling the number of farmers reached per field worker.

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0.168146, 34.74652

Location: Kakamega, Kenya

Year: 2017

Status: Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 In Progress

Size: 4,350 sq. m.

Program: Central headquarters to support social enterprise in financing and training smallholder farmers in Africa

Services: Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Master Planning, Structural Design, Construction Administration

One Acre Fund

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