Lagos Infectious Diseases Research Institute

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Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

As the world population grows, so too will the spread and virulence of infectious diseases worldwide. Africa’s population is projected to more than double by 2050, increasing from 1 billion to nearly 2.4 billion inhabitants. Yet Africa remains susceptible to novel infectious diseases as testing laboratories remain limited across the continent. In response, The Lagos State Ministry of Health is rapidly developing their Mainland Hospital Campus into a hub for cutting edge infectious disease treatment and research.

Through a multi-pronged approach to healthcare resiliency, the LIDRI seeks to radically reduce the time between sample collection and diagnosis to outbreak and inoculation; support the faster development of new treatments and vaccines, and train the next generation of researchers and clinicians battling infectious diseases. The design promotes collaboration and interaction between researchers and students, hosting a variety of programs including research labs, a research clinic, academic classrooms, administrative spaces, an auditorium, a library and outdoor terraces organized around a central courtyard. The outdoor terraces provide a link between the Institute's departments.

MASS first partnered with the Lagos State Ministry of Health in 2019 to develop prototypical health facilities, and have continued this partnership towards the design of the Lagos Infectious Disease Research Institute.

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Location: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Year: 2019

Status: In Progress

Size: 5,296 sq m

Program: Design of a new research institute to increase resilience to future pandemics through research and training.

Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development

Lagos State Ministry of Health

LTS Health,
TRIOCON Consulting Engineers,
Du Toit Pienaar Quantity Surveyors