J.J. Carroll Redevelopment

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The J.J. Carroll redevelopment project advances 2Life Communities’ vision for all older adults to have the opportunity to age in community. Boston’s senior population is growing - according to the city’s Boston 2030 report, the number of senior households will increase by 53% between 2010 and 2030. Compounded with this demand, many senior residents do not have the financial resources necessary for a basic standard of living, with Massachusetts ranked second only to Mississippi of the states with the largest gap between senior median income and amount of money needed for a basic standard of living. The 142-unit affordable housing community for seniors seeks to address this need through design strategies that will help residents live better, longer. MASS worked with 2Life Communities and the existing residents of J.J. Carroll to develop a model for high density housing that prioritizes resident connections and communal activities linked to aging well. The conventional double-loaded corridor apartment block was reconsidered to create clusters of unit “neighborhoods” with five to eight apartments that plug into a central zone of community program space. This framework creates opportunities for meaningful communal programming at a variety of scales and increases access to green space and natural light.

In addition to providing much-needed affordable housing, the project features commercial space, a community health center, and over 15,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space. J.J. Carroll welcomes the community at large through intergenerational programming and play space, epitomizing 2Life Communities’ commitment to reducing isolation and loneliness in seniors and connecting them to the benefits of community.

Project Details

42.3601, -71.0589

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Year: 2019

Status: In Progress

Size: 142 units / 180,000 sq.ft.

Program: 142 age-restricted affordable housing units alongside a health center, commercial space, and public settings.

Services: Visioning and Planning, Architectural Design, Construction Administration

2Life Communities

MEP: Petersen Engineering
Civil + Landscape: Stantec
Structural Engineering: RSE Associates
Envelope: RJ Kenney
Code: Howe Engineers
Accessibility: KMA
Specifications: Kalin Associates
Photovoltaic: Solar Design Associates