Ilima Primary School

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Can design amplify conservation efforts?

In the jungle of the Congo Basin, six hours by motorcycle from the nearest airstrip, the Ilima Primary School by MASS and the African Wildlife Foundation, serves as a community center for integration with local wildlife. Built entirely with materials and labor sourced on site, the school embodies MASS’s ethos of Lo-Fab, or local fabrication, highlighting local crafts and skills. Timber trusses, roof framing furniture, and architectural details were sawn, planed and crafted by hand from trees selected by conservationists. Local builders and MASS architects developed a method for transforming local trees by hand into durable and replaceable wood shingles.

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Location: Ilima, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Size: 800 sq. m.

Program: Primary School

Services: Community Engagement & Immersion, Strategic Visioning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Master Planning, Construction Administration, On-site Training

African Wildlife Foundation

Arup Engineers