Colorado College Student Housing

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Beginning 2013, MASS worked with Colorado College to design several campus facilities, the last of which was a new student housing development. The East Campus Housing provides apartment suites for upperclassmen, encouraging personal growth, while promoting strong community. 

A 150-bed facility, the project’s design seeks to maximize social space at many scales, fostering interaction and collaboration between students. By eliminating corridors and creating 7-8 person suites, the design for the East Campus Housing frees up space for several types of community space ranging from small study group areas to large community rooms. These spaces allow for a vibrant community where students form friendships, take on leadership roles, and look out for one another’s safety. 


Project Details

38.84697, -104.823605

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Year: 2015

Status: Unbuilt

Program: Student housing and public community spaces

Services: Programming, Concept Design, Architectural and Landscape Design, Project Accompaniment

Colorado College

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas