Colorado College Innovation Institute

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The Colorado College Innovation Institute is a space that inspires students to merge academic pursuits, cultural influences, and personal interests into new fields of research.

The institute promotes a flexible, collaborative approach to learning by mixing functions, keeping workspaces open and visible whenever possible, and using transition zones to encourage conversation and discovery. Unlike most university buildings, the innovation lab at the institute puts students from diverse disciplines like music and engineering in the same space generating curiosity, interaction, and risk-taking. Traditional offices and classrooms interweave with active learning spaces furnished with the latest technology to help bring student visions to fruition—such as a media lab, a food ecology lab, and a mind and body lab. 

Open lounges and a café also foster community. Both inside and outside the institute, hiding places allow students and faculty the silent focus required for solitary or small group work. A campfire space and theater in the round provide natural meeting places with inspiring views.

Project Details

38.84697, -104.823605

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Year: 2016

Status: Unbuilt

Program: Collaborative mixed-use student center

Services: Programming, Concept Design, Architectural and Landscape Design, Project Accompaniment

Colorado College

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas