Photo of Yves Iradukunda

I am inspired by tremendous contributions that design can provide to improve people's lives and promote justice! We have immense opportunities to create solutions to the world's pressing challenges related to infrastructure.

Yves Iradukunda

Senior Director
Kigali, Rwanda

Yves joined MASS as East Africa Operations Manager in 2016 to support the team's growth and management.

Prior to joining MASS, Yves worked for Bridge2Rwanda as a Director of Career Development offering professional career advice focusing on talent development, coaching and counseling scholars and professionals with regards to their personal and career success.

Yves holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oklahoma Christian University. He is a Certified Career Direct Consultant with Crown Financial Ministries, through which he conducts assessments and offers personalized guidance on academic and career choices. His role in founding two companies attests to Yves' entrepreneurial spirit and capability. He co-founded both ELERwanda, which promotes entrepreneurship among youth, and Academic Bridge, Ltd., a software development firm. Yves is a Kigali Global Shaper and currently serves as the chairman of Water Access Rwanda, a social enterprise that provides clean water to people in rural areas. He recently obtained his Master of Business Administration from the African Leadership University in Rwanda.