Photo of Tya Abe

Tya Abe

Santa Fe, NM, USA

Tya joined the Santa Fe office in 2022 to support the work of the Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab. Growing up in Bali, she greatly values the weaving of cultures and belief systems, multi-generational community, and our environmental relationships. This drives her commitment to contributing to spaces of care, both in terms of the projects she works on and the spaces in which she finds herself.

Tya is informed by previous experiences working on-site at a design-build firm in Seattle, at a daylighting consulting firm in Alameda, and a natural materials-focused architecture firm in Berkeley, appreciating the lessons learned from collaborations across backgrounds and the different ways of engaging with the making of our built environments. Tya has a Master in Architecture from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Brown University.