Photo of Gasana Symphorien

I am on a perpetual pursuit to acquire the knowledge of design that allows the inception of architecture to promote social serenity. I believe that it is a seed that grows beyond the thresholds of a building’s envelope.

Symphorien Gasana

Senior Architect
Kigali, Rwanda

Originally from Rwanda, Symphorien received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Rwanda. He was awarded academic acknowledgement for his thesis presentation, “City Lungs: A Network of Public Spaces”  inspired by his love for people and space, and how the powerful pursuit of beautiful expressions of human being’s spatial rights as a means towards fostering healthy communities. Symphorien has also worked as a design manager on the conception and design of the first pedestrian public space in Kigali in collaboration with the city hall and the University of Rwanda. All of his experiences speak to his ultimate desire to pursue a Master’s Degree in Urban Design.