photo of Robert Lloyd

Robert Lloyd

Landscape Architect
Kigali, Rwanda

As a registered architect with experience in master-planning, site-design and project implementation, Robert Lloyd has focused on connecting nature-based infrastructure solutions with context-sensitive urban design. For two decades his design work has been grounded in the belief that human and ecological well-being are inextricably connected, following the principles of what is now called One-Health. Working with NGOs, hospitals, and universities as well as commercial developers, he has taken projects from master plan through detailed technical design and construction. At MASS, he is leading site design of Samajik Health Science Institute & Research Centre, 520 bed hospital and urban health campus in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As an Architect and Landscape Architect, Robert’s focus has been on how buildings come together to create whole communities which consider practical development patterns, social infrastructure, and regional ecological systems.

He first practiced in the Pacific Northwest, a region on the vanguard of ecologically sensitive design, and then in Miami and the Caribbean where development has had to respond to dual pressures of rapid growth and increasing climate volatility. Robert’s practice has always depended on deep interdisciplinary collaboration and his approach seeks early and meaningful input from experts in a range of fields, resulting in development strategies that execute principled design in a manner sensitive to local building culture. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University, a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington and a Master of Architecture from the University of Miami.