Photo of Peter Torrebiarte

Peter Torrebiarte

Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration
Boston, MA, USA

Peter joined MASS Design Group in 2019.  He currently leads the global Human Resources and Administration teams as part of the Global Operations business unit, responsible for leading the team to advance policies, benefits,   and create improved career paths for team members. Under his leadership he strives to empower the voices and potential of all staff members. Working to ensure that decision making and organizational power is balanced, dynamic, and solution oriented.  One of the priorities for the human resources team is the development of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice strategies for the organization, in collaboration with external and internal stakeholders across all the disciplines. The administration team is reorganizing to ensure all teams also have the tools necessary to successfully, effectively, and efficiently achieve their goals.

Peter grew up in Guatemala in a family dedicated to growing coffee and other crops. He relocated to the United States where he eventually served as global sustainability director for a leading specialty coffee company. In this role, he found his passion for challenging the status quo by leading a team that developed an award winning sourcing program. He has volunteered on the board of Boston Children’s Museum, Project Citizenship, and Newton Wellesley Hospital.