Photo of Jhanea Williams

Design excellence should be defined by the impact a project (through all phases; conception, construction and occupancy) has on the quality of life of those who experience the space.

Jha D Williams

Senior Associate
Boston, MA, USA

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Jha D received her B.S. in Architecture from Northeastern University and taught for two years at the Boston Architectural College and then pursued her M. Arch I at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, she returned to her home city of Boston to continue curating and co-hosting her monthly open mic, 'if you can Feel it, you can Speak it' Open Mic Movement, and began working at Sasaki Associates, Inc.

As a spoken word artist and event organizer, Jha D exclaims that there is pure art in speaking your own truth, and is dedicated to creating spaces for artists, particularly those that are of the LGTBQIA communities of color. As a designer, she urges that design and the built environment are vehicles for equity, justice and social change. In February of 2018, she joined MASS as a Senior Associate.