Photo of Carolina Kammel

Carolina Kammel

Office Manager
Boston, MA

Carolina Kammel joined MASS in March 2019. As Office Manager, she keeps the Boston office running smoothly through top-notch service to internal and external stakeholders. She orchestrates supply and logistics procurement between our two international offices, as well as event planning, and other administrative management. Carolina aims to maintain positive workflows by cultivating an office culture rooted in inclusivity and equity.

Prior to joining MASS, Carolina worked in various administrative settings for other nonprofits and corporate companies around the United States. She supported the work of the Center for Employment Training, an organization aiming to offer more educational opportunities for lower-wage workers in hopes to develop their skill sets and gain higher paying employment.

Born and raised in California, Carolina received her Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara with an emphasis in Latin America. She hopes to expand her knowledge and skillset within MASS, as well as contribute to the organization’s mission to develop equitable practices to better serve individuals and marginalized communities worldwide.