Northeast Bio-Based Materials Collective

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Accessing regionally produced renewable building materials

On November 15th 2023 a collective of over 60 individuals representing the full spectrum of the bio-based construction value chain attended the Summit in Boston, Massachusetts  We convened to begin answering the following prompt: How can regionally produced renewable building materials be brought to market, at scale, across the Northeast of North America?

The proceedings from this event, and a follow up online event of 120 people, is a summary of the inaugural Northeast Bio-Based Materials Summit and is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the event’s dialog and workshop outcomes.

The key next steps agreed by the attendees is to form working groups around these five objectives:

  1. Collaboration - Develop the collective vision and coordinate group efforts for larger systems change.
  2. Communication - Address misunderstandings related to bio-based materials and promote positive stories and metrics.
  3. Education - Support existing learning opportunities and generate new ones around bio-based materials.
  4. Regulation - Engage in policy and code development, and support regulatory compliance of bio-materials.
  5. Innovation - Explore financing options for the collective and guide its path toward professionalism.

Interested in engaging with the Northeast Bio-based Materials Collective? Please contact James Kitchin at [email protected]