St. Boniface Hospital

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Fond des Blancs, Sud Department, Haiti

The St. Boniface Hospital serves as the district hospital for a catchment population of 120,000 and sees over 3,000 patients per year. Located inland on Haiti’s south peninsula, in the remote town of Fond-de-Blancs, it has experienced piecemeal growth since its founding in 1983. Like kindred hospitals in remote, rural locations across the globe, it finds itself committed to job-training, economic development, infrastructure and education in order to promote the health of not just individual patients, but their communities.

Strained for resources and space, the facility worked with MASS to address its need for a new maternity ward, laboratory, as well as masterplan for a future facility expansion. For extraordinary institutions like St. Boniface Hospital, which struggle heroically with their daily mission of providing healthcare, it is an enormous challenge to take the time and resources to make long-term master planning commitments.  MASS’s challenge was to help them through this process and provide a visionary goal that was within reach.

Project Details

18.279928, -73.130535

Location: Fond des Blancs, Sud Department, Haiti

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Size: 7400 sq. m.

Program: Future facility expansion and masterplan, including a new maternity ward and research laboratory

Services: Exploration, Ideation, Accompaniment, Architectural Design, Masterplanning

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation