The Nubia Health Center

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Wadi Halfa, Northern State, Sudan

MASS is partnering with Dr. Majdi Osman, an infectious diseases physician, to design and build a community health center in Wadi Halfa, Sudan. Situated along the Nile River at the border of Egypt and Sudan, this historically Nubian community faces disparate health outcomes due to decades of conflict in the region and a resulting lack of investment in rural care. In addition to offering basic maternal and pediatric care services, the Nubia Health Center will be a shared community asset that honors Nubian identity, supports gathering, connects to education, and empowers families to be active participants in their health. Through this community-centered approach, the Center will serve as a visible, positive, and trusted place for gathering around community health.

The Nubia health care model will use proactive community health worker (CHW) outreach to connect the community with early access to health care, which is critical for saving the lives of women and children. Trained at the Nubia Health Center, CHWs will meet families where they are and bring care to patients proactively and early. We aim to build a care model and facility that combines the best practices in community health with outstanding maternal and pediatric medical care, serving as a beacon for marginalized communities in Sudan and Africa.

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Project Details

21.7833302, 31.3666652

Location: Wadi Halfa, Northern State, Sudan

Year: 2018

Status: In Progress

Size: 2,617 sq. m.

Program: Health center providing maternal and pediatric care

Services: Immersion, Concept Design

Wadi Halfa Children’s Hospital