Art of Healthcare Cardiac Hospital

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Bagamoyo, Pwani Region, Tanzania

MASS Design Group and Mazzetti, in partnership with International Premiere Health, are designing a world-class hospital facility near historic Bagamoyo on the coast of Tanzania. The facility will provide a range of General Care Services supported by a Surgical Suite, a Maternity Suite, an Emergency Department and a Wellness Extended Stay Centre. To expedite bringing services online, the program for the facility will be constructed in phases to allow operation to begin.

The facility’s program is arranged into a set of courtyard buildings. Each building focuses on a specific aspect of the facility and connects to corresponding programs visually and physically via covered walkways and bridges. With a unique and comprehensive consideration of flow and function in every aspect of care, the patient experience at IPH will enjoy unparalleled in ease and comfort.

The Art of Healthcare hospital will incorporate natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies, with a series of outdoor pools. Located next to a newly proposed port, it will be easily accessible for visiting patients from around the region. The project is designed to provide onsite patient and family accommodations, as well as doctors' housing.

Project Details

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Location: Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Year: 2015

Status: In Progress

Size: 7,928 sq. m.

Program: Specialty care hospital offering surgical services, a maternity suite, and an emergency department

Services: Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Master Planning

International Premier Health