African Leadership University: Kigali Heights Campus

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Kigali, Gasabo District, Rwanda

MASS partnered with African Leadership University (ALU) to design a 2,400 square meter campus for undergraduate and graduate programs in the Kigali Heights complex. ALU has a pioneering approach to higher education designed to develop successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and engaged citizens. The curriculum has a unique learning cycle - encompassing discovery, self learning, peer learning, and facilitated learning - calibrated to enable students to learn new skills and master complex concepts in order to tackle real world challenges. 

The design of the new campus directly reflects ALU’s unique approach with spaces across all scales of interactivity, including flexible classrooms, student work hives, learning labs, administrative offices, as well as pods and booths for individuals and small groups to collaborate. MASS also leveraged our Lo-Fab approach and extensive network of artisans to design and fabricate furniture, lighting, upholstered pieces, and signage. The result is a vibrant and place-based design which marries ALU’s brand identity with mission-critical spaces needed to create the next generation of African leaders. 


Project Details

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Location: Kigali, Gasabo District, Rwanda

Year: 2018

Status: Completed

Size: 2,400 sq. m.

Program: Classrooms and auxiliary student facilities

Services: Architectural Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Interior & Furniture Design, Wayfinding & Signage

African Leadership University

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