Photo of Sarah Payton

Sarah Payton

Senior Designer
Boston, MA, USA

Sarah Payton joined MASS Design as a designer working on various projects within the Boston area. Over the past 7 years, Sarah has spent her time living and studying in the Pacific Northwest. Her past 4 years focused on higher education work with Mahlum Architects, primarily on equitable design solutions within student residence halls along with mass timber/ CLT construction methods. During her graduate studies at the University of Oregon, Sarah’s thesis research dove into the meaning of resiliency within a community when natural disasters strike, such as “The Really Big One” of the Cascadia subduction zone. Here, she examined what physical, mental, and natural resiliency meant for a community’s survival post disaster by expanding on the urgent need to create expansive networks over a range of scales, creating spaces and places of familiarity, and the opportunity of such a project to be used as an environmental teaching tool.