Photo of DaMario Walker Brown

DaMario Walker-Brown

Boston, MA, USA

DaMario joined MASS as a Designer in May of 2021. He is currently working in the Restorative Justice Design Lab and on Project Bridgeworks. He is passionate about social justice and understanding architecture’s role when it comes to creative placemaking in marginalized communities and addressing homelessness. Prior to joining MASS, DaMario worked full time for a Lexington-based firm focusing on justice facilities. During graduate school, he held internships at firms based in Cincinnati, Boston, Philadelphia and Lexington.

DaMario received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati. His thesis focused on examining the existing conditions of an all-black town founded by freed African-Americans during Post-Reconstruction. This project proposed a re-imagining of the town through a series of interventions and a main catalyst that would help revitalize and share the rich history of the town. He also received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Sciences degree from Western Kentucky University.