Photo of Jay Wickersham, Director

MASS Design Group has set an inspiring example for the architectural profession - the firm’s work shows how architects can fulfill their ethical duty to serve the public interest.

Jay Wickersham

Founding Partner at Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP
Cambridge, MA, USA

Jay Wickersham has worked in all aspects of design, planning, and development as a lawyer, a government regulator, an architect, and an urban planner. He is Associate Professor of Architecture in Practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he teaches courses in the history, law, and ethics of architectural practice. He has written and lectured widely on these topics. Wickersham is a founding partner in the Cambridge, MA law firm Noble & Wickersham LLP, which represents architectural and design firms around the country and internationally. As Assistant Secretary of Environmental Affairs for Massachusetts between 1998 and 2002, he oversaw the environmental impact review of all major development projects statewide. Wickersham is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Yale College, and he is a registered architect with ten years of professional experience. He has been elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.