Manyara Ranch Primary School

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Can design amplify conservation efforts?

MASS and the African Wildlife Foundation have partnered to redesign/design and build Conservation Schools across the African subcontinent.

The Manyara Ranch Primary School in Tanzania is a boarding school which educates over 900 students—many of them Maasai and over 600 of them boys. In 2007, the school relocated from inside to just outside of a 45,000-acre wildlife corridor that provides crucial passage and space for species to migrate and maintain healthy populations. While the school is now situated to safely reduce conflict with the nearby wildlife, the infrastructure is now exhibiting health and safety concerns due to poor implementation and siting the building over a major seismic fault line.

MASS assessed the existing site, buildings, and seismic conditions, and has proposed design solutions to solve these structural issues, retrofit, and improve the school and housing for students, teachers, and staff to a create healthier and safer place to live and learn.

Project Details

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Location: Manyara, Tanzania

Year: 2015

Status: Unbuilt

Size: 8,000 sq. m.

Program: Primary School

Services: Immersion, Strategic Visioning, Structural Analysis, Architectural and Landscape Design, Master Planning

African Wildlife Foundation

Ubatsi, Kapwani Architects