Mamohau Hospital

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Mamohau, Leribe District, Lesotho

MASS Design Group partnered with Partners in Health (PIH) to expand the Mamohau Hospital in Lesotho to decrease maternal mortality rates. Mamohau is a rural village in the mountainous terrain of Lesotho and for many pregnant women, hospitals are still more than a day’s walk away.

Inadequate facilities for training and retaining medical experts have led to a shortage of doctors; 95% of Basotho doctors leave the country to practice. An airstrip for Flying Doctors was proposed for the site for trained medical professionals to better access the facilities. The airstrip’s construction in conjunction with new OR facilities and will allow women from remote mountain clinics with birth complications to have access to life-saving surgical care.

MASS designed the facility for natural heating and cooling by applying a vernacular local technique called tromb walls, which heat during the day and then warm the interior space at night.

Project Details

-29.609988, 28.233608

Location: Mamohau, Leribe District, Lesotho

Year: 2012

Status: Unbuilt

Size: 4,700 sq. m.

Program: Project Visioning of Last-mile hospital

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