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Freetown, Western Region, Sierra Leone

In 2009, the Madieu Williams Foundation worked with MASS to create visioning documents for the Abigail D. Butscher Primary School in Sierra Leone. The goal was to provide education and wellness in one of the most under served areas of Freetown. Serving 266 students, the school was overcrowded and forced to turn down students due to lack of space and resources. MASS worked with the Madieu Williams Foundation to upgrade and expand the existing primary school to accommodate the high demand and provide a safe, nurturing environment tailored to child-centered learning.

Furthermore, when the students graduate, the closest primary school is 3 miles away and too expensive for most families. Adding new junior and senior secondary facilities will fill a great need for secondary education in addition to offering resources that the entire community can use.

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Location: Freetown, Western Region, Sierra Leone

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Program: Visioning Documents for Primary and Secondary Schools

Services: Visioning Documents

Madieu Williams Foundation