Kigali Affordable Housing Partners

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Can a housing model create affordability?

MASS has developed designs for a new affordable housing typology to be built in Kigali, one of the fastest-growing cities in East Africa. Embracing the Rwandan culture of living in a close community that unites around a courtyard, the proposed project includes tightly spaced townhouses with outdoor plots. By giving new residents a one-room living area within the shell of a larger house, the projects is accessible to low-income residents while giving them the opportunity to expand their home to accommodate a growing family and growing means- a flexible solution for a fast-changing city.

Project Details

-1.970579, 30.104429

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Year: 2015

Status: Unbuilt

Size: 4.28 Ha

Program: Affordable housing

Services: Conceptual Design and Costing