Albert Schweitzer Hospital

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Lambaréné, Moyen-Ogooué Province, Gabon

In 2013, the Albert Schweitzer Hospital celebrated its 100th anniversary with supporters in Gabon and worldwide, highlighting Albert Schweitzer’s legacy for holistic health and wellbeing as a national symbol and resource for current national development programs. Leading up to this global event, MASS provided a centennial envisioning for the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, one that would preserve Schweitzer’s legacy and address several challenges relating to its current campus.

The new hospital works to develop a cohesive campus plan and strategies for updating aged infrastructure; redefines Schweitzer’s model of the village hospital, seamlessly integrating health care into both the community and landscape; and repositions HAS as a leader of global health care delivery.

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Location: Lambaréné, Moyen-Ogooué Province, Gabon

Year: 2013

Status: Unuilt

Program: Visioning Documents of the Hospital Campus

Services: Master Planning

Albert Schweitzer Hospital