Photo of Thandizo Kachiza

To leave an impact, one must balance the art of form versus function. If one surpasses the other, the impact may be detrimental

Thandizo Kachiza

Kigali, Rwanda

Born and raised in Malawi, Thandie ventured to Malaysia in 2011. There she garnered her Bachelor of Architectural Science degree from Curtin University of Technology in Malaysia. She began at MASS a part of the 2016 inaugural cohort of fellows at the African Design Centre, a unique training program for recent graduates of architecture and engineering and was then brought onto the MASS team full-time in September of 2018.She hopes to strengthen her body of knowledge not only in the field of the built environment but in other aspects. Thandie has worked in various firms situated in Asia and Malawi namely; Veritas Design Group, The Housing Company and CHIJ Co Ltd. The exposure has led her to acquire skills in both 2D and 3D drawing conventions as well as on site project management. Her experience has helped her understand the field in depth and gain more confidence.

She believes architecture can establish communities; it brings people together and creates a sense of belonging and ownership.