Photo of Sarah Rugomwa

I have become a big believer that architecture can and should drive social justice. It is not just about designing a beautiful building; people matter.

Sarah Rugomwa

Kigali, Rwanda

Sarah joined MASS in 2017 originally as a Junior Operations Associate in our Kigali office. She has since become an Associate, overseeing project team support, human resources, recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, and acts as a bridge between our design and operations teams. Sarah is passionate about cultivating an inclusive and productive office work environment that promotes dignity and wellbeing.

Born and raised in Rwanda, she traveled to the states to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma Christian University. Sarah was committed to returning to her home country and making an impact in whatever way she found possible. In her free time, Sarah exercises her creativity and passion through fashion and travel blogging. In the future, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Economics so that she can continue to contribute to the development of her country.