Photo of Nicki Reckziegel

Good design requires an intimate knowledge of the unique people and places that are served by it.

Nicki Reckziegel

Design Director
Kigali, Rwanda

Nicki joined the Kigali MASS office in 2015 and was named a Design Director in 2018. Over the last 6 years, Nicki's work has focused primarily on education projects, leading teams and partners through visioning, design, and construction throughout East and West Africa.

Most recently, she directed the design and construction of the 1,200-student African Leadership University campus in Kigali Innovation City. Beyond her design work, Nicki has helped establish the MASS Learning & Engagement team and stewards a culture of learning across our offices.

Nicki completed her Master’s design thesis at McGill University School of Architecture in her hometown of Montreal, Canada and was awarded the 2015 Canadian Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners.