Photo of Marisol Andrade Muñoz

Marisol Andrade Muñoz

Graphic Designer
Boston, MA, USA

Marisol Andrade Muñoz joined MASS as Junior Graphic Designer in January of 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic prompted questions about the tools we will need to care for local and global communities in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Her work at MASS reconciles visual storytelling with practical and material constraints in projects like the Embrace Memorial and the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Fund. Together with Bob Stern, she works towards articulating a blueprint for MASS’s visual identity and creating tools for teams across the organization to implement this identity. She finds the most meaning in projects that make the architectural design process accountable to the communities it is meant to serve, like redesigning a post-occupancy building survey to prioritize accessibility and remove jargon, and facilitating workshops that invite high school students to represent their lived experiences in the built environment through poster design.

In and outside her work at MASS, Marisol is interested in how we integrate seemingly disparate systems to engage with ourselves, our collaborators, and the resources on which we depend in a more honest, compassionate, and just way. She holds a BS in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Spanish from Arizona State University. Prior to joining MASS, she interned with Henríquez Lara Estudio and worked with Arizona State University’s Department of Educational Outreach and Student Success.