Photo of Shakira Nyiratuza

We have to design in a way that makes urban regeneration concrete and feasible. A sustainable design practice should economize while producing great results.

Shakira Nyiratuza

Graduate Engineer
Kigali, Rwanda

Shakira joined MASS in October 2016 and is currently working in the Kigali office as MASS’s Engineering Intern, focusing on structural design and site visits. Her current project is Butaro Oncology located in Burera district. Before joining MASS, Shakira earned a Bachelor degree in Building and Construction Technology from Umutara Polytechnic University. Her specialty is structural design. Shakira has worked with a local road construction company and also an architecture consultancy company to increase her capacity and play her part in the development of her country, Rwanda. Her aim is to redefine the future of the built environment and the lives of its inhabitants, in Rwanda and beyond.