Scenic Hudson at 58 Parker Avenue

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Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

MASS is designing a new 55,000-square-foot office for Scenic Hudson—a New York environmental nonprofit that advocates for environmentally responsible policies and development practices—that embodies the organization’s values. To greatly reduce embodied carbon, the project will bring new life to the former Standard Gage Co. Factory near the Fall Kill Creek that runs through Poughkeepsie. Reclaimed wood and remnant concrete from the site will be reused as seating and aggregate throughout the 2.1 acre site, much of which is devoted to a landscape that has been designed to incorporate areas for education, environmental activism, and community engagement. 

Inside, the building is being configured to maximize views and natural daylight and ventilation year-round to ensure a healthy indoor air quality and welcoming environment. An on-site photovoltaic array will generate more than enough energy to run the facility and landscape plantings will sequester carbon, ensuring that the building will be carbon net-positive from the first day of operation. 

Project Details

41.70829, -73.923912

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Year: 2019

Status: In Progress

Size: 55,000 sq. ft.

Program: A headquarters building for an environmental nonprofit with workspace, meeting, and event areas surrounded by a learning landscape.

Services: Masterplanning, Immersion, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design

Scenic Hudson