Photo of Theophile Ndoreyaho

Theophile Ndoreyaho

Workshop Manager
Kigali, Rwanda

Born and raised in Rwanda, Theophile’s background has enabled him to garner an immense amount of hands on skills, training and leadership development in the wood working field and forestry. Prior to joining MASS, he worked as a trainer at a secondary school for two years, teaching wood technology related subjects in forestry trade. Following this engagement, he joined Rubengera Technical Secondary School where he specialized in carpentry. He was a trainer of wood technology and workshop management subjects while he simultaneously acted as a workshop manager and technical advisor for the Rubengera Production Unit.

Theophile also worked for GiZ, a German-Rwandan Cooperation as a Technical and Vocational Education and Training Advisor at the national level. He was responsible for the capacity building of carpentry trainers, on the job training for local carpenters and advising different wood-related projects in Rwanda. He also performed other duties like project planning, management, monitoring, evaluation and construction site activities like planning and procurement.

Aside from his career, Theophile enjoys engaging in interesting conversations with his friends and family about the possibilities of the future of Rwanda in terms of development and architecture.