Photo of Rene Gasana

It is our shared mission to utilize architecture to confront social justice. Good design strives for positive impact on global equity and responds to its place-based context and communities.

Rene Gasana

Kigali, Rwanda

Rene first joined MASS in 2015 as an intern for two years and then in 2018 as a Junior Associate. During his time with MASS, he has worked on various projects including the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE). He received his Bachelor of Architecture in 2017 from the University of Rwanda. Rene has also interned with EarthEnable on the research team, which in turn widened his aptitude on research-based thinking processes. Rene worked with ThinkImpact in administering and organizing teams to mediate Western-based educators to lead innovative development experiences with local people as community-participatory solutions. He was committed to learning about how these organizations respond to community problems by embracing participatory-empowerment. Prior to rejoining MASS, Rene worked as an Associate with EarthEnable, where his passions lied in empowering local communities through the construction domain, by installing earthen floors in rural homes.