Photo of Lamy Subira

As we respond through design, we also have a responsibility to listen, learn and approach all issues and communities with a level of humility that will allow us to find the most be-fitting solutions.

Lamy Subira

Senior Designer
Kigali, Rwanda

While working on residential and commercial projects, Lamy realized he needed to explore design outside of the ordinary typologies available as a means to better advocate for design as a problem-solving tool. This exploration began in the final year of his Bachelor of Architectural studies at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Annual Des Baker Student Competition provided a platform to embark on a national design brief that would improve street traders working traditions. His team helped dramatically expand the scope of the brief and used the opportunity to speak about the oldest street trading profession; sex work. Through the competition, they initiated a dialogue, which eventually got published, on the safety of sex workers in South Africa and explored how a design intervention could improve their working conditions.

This led him to work for Boogertman & Partners, working on commercial projects, while also offering pro-bono services alongside a developer to design an AIDS orphanage & village. Since moving to Rwanda in December 2015, he was employed as an Associate at Studio4 Architects & Urban Planners, a South African based firm with an office in Kigali.

The nature of entrepreneurship in his field has allowed him to become a mentor with Bridge2Rwanda, where he engages with local schools and institutes (AKILAH Institute) to help students prepare for their journey into entrepreneurship and university outside of the country. He recently joined Global Shapers Kigali, an organization centered on serving communities through various initiatives, the current one being VISA Free Africa, to further engage and connect with Rwanda and the continent.